Thoughts on Apples Special Event

Another year, another iPhone. And a watch. And an iPad. Shockingly no one was surprised. The name change could be expected, but I think there was a 50:50 chance who was right.

There were no design changes beside another added camera. Which seems to be the whole selling point. Faster chip? Sure. Better display? Okay. Another camera? Of course, your videos can now suck in 4k 60FPS and your photos still show a persons head cut off at the top. All of the features make sense and are a technical evolution from the previous generation, but to me they are pretty meaningless.

I do not really watch videos on my phone. I suck at taking pictures. I do not particularly like green as a colour. I do not game on my phone. So upgrading from my iPhone X would basically mean a new battery and zero improvement in any area I care about.

The Apple Watch is one of my favourite devices right now. And if you are not on the 4th generation already the new one surely is a great upgrade. But other than that - I would likely still go for aluminium since I usually wear it while working out and prefer the lightness and I am okay if the watch only turns on when I look at it.

Games and TV+ are the same to me. People celebrate that it is only $5. I believe that a higher price would have killed both products before they even launched. There are many indie developers who will get exposure - not that it pays the bills, but it is something, right? *sigh* - and there are likely some productions which might be worth watching. But before larger publishers and media companies are joining the game, I do not think a price that would roughly equal Netflix would work. I am really looking forward to see how content will increase and develop though.

Overall there are solid improvements for all products and the newly introduced services has potential to become relevant. To me the most exciting thing was Tim not telling us how well everyone is doing but directly starting with product introductions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> posted on Sept. 12, 2019, midnight in apple, news