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Staying positive while posting my reading list

posted on Sept. 16, 2021, 6:19 p.m. in life

Some time ago I thought it might be easier to post a list of links I collected throughout the week instead of posting each link individually. As I do most of my reading over the weekend a good time seemed to be Sunday evening. I collect articles throughout the week and keep some notes in Apple Notes. This works well enough to quickly assemble a list of four to five links, and I can add to the note from every device I use for reading.

One day I read through my draft and noticed that half of the things are pretty bad. As in companies being shitty, things being on fire and random events you would hope to never read about. Some examples I kept around:

Remove all direct links to languagetransfer.org - Google removed an app from the PlayStore with very questionable reasoning. And this is not the first time, remember Termux? Treat this as a periodic reminder that it does not matter if App (or Game) Stores will randomly enforce arbitrary rules. It does not matter who owns the store.

Amazon will monitor workers' keystrokes to 'combat data theft' - oh Amazon, you did it again. I cannot think of a more stupid explanation for this.

AlgorithmWatch forced to shut down Instagram monitoring project after threats from Facebook - let us ignore the fact that Facebook is arguing with GDPR, as funny as this is, but if this goes to court the outcome might have an impact on a lot of things we do. Facebooks line of reasoning seems a bit dangerous to me.

This is not the list of links I want to post. We all have enough negative and bad things in our lifes right now, so how about we focus on the positive? How about cool case mods for the Nintendo Switch, people building amazing things or simply something fun to read? I enjoy this kind of articles way more.

This does not mean I do not keep up to date what is going on or believe all of the bad stuff goes away if I simply ignore it. This is not how the world works. And there are mediums to communicate my displeasure (like Twitter). But I decided I'll do my best to keep the link lists here positive and enjoyable.

So if you find any cool hacks, projects or things people do and write about please let me know :)