Resolutionary, isn't it?

It is the time of the year when men start to calculate their budget, women looking forward to their soon new toy, people hammering [F5] and newsfeeds full of narrations of the last keynote. It is iPad time.

Before the keynote I was sure that if I would upgrade the iPad it would be more a "want to have" situation. I am still happy with my iPad 1. When the iPad 2 was announced I refused to upgrade because there was nothing that really would have improved my situation. At least I thought that.

I use the iPad every day. In the morning with my cup of coffee in my hand I sit on the couch and start reading news and checking my social media accounts. Some time around noon I repeat this procedure. Every time I travel to my spouse I sit in the train reading a book, checking news, writing or watching a movie. I love the iPad and I refuse to live without one.

What I did not get until I got my iPhone 4s is that the display can be a huge difference. Especially while reading. The display would be one of two reasons why I consider the iPad 3. If it is really more comfortable to read on the device it is worth the money.

The other reason would be the fact that some of my current projects include an iOS application. The iPhone 4s was a split between necessary and that I have to develop an app that needs a lot of CPU power and is primary deployed on iPhone 4ses. (Am I the only one who does not like the look of "4ses"?) Having the current CPU model at hand to test stuff seems to be a good idea.

I do not need a camera in my iPad. I do not need everything else. Well a longer lasting battery is always nice even if the iPad 1 fits my needs. The only two reasons are the display and the fact that I work on iOS projects.

But is there really nothing I would want to change about the iPad 1? Of course there is. Beside the original Twitter client that just sucks Safari started crashing. Really often. 6 to 10 times a day. And this just sucks. I do not lose my session but it is annoying. Most of the time when I visit sites that run some intensive JavaScript stuff like the Apple Store or Tech Crunch. I believe it it somehow JS related. Could also depend on the size of the site. I did not test it yet. If this would be the case and it would be caused by some resource shortage the new hardware would be worth it.

I know that this comic describes some, or most, Apple fans and sometimes I have to admit that it is tempting but since I tend to think about money before I spend it am am always a bit reluctant. Currently I believe that I will get one, even if I do not care if I get it on 16th or 2 weeks later.

>> posted on March 8, 2012, midnight in apple, hardware, review