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Reading list 2021-11-28

posted on Nov. 28, 2021, 5:36 p.m. in news

Some reasons to measure - there is an old proverb I heard a lot when I was younger: "measure once, cut twice". I was always a bit confused how people building complex system are able to do so without measuring and without understanding how the system actually behaves. This article gives a great summary why you want to measure basically everything.

Why Disaster Happens at the Edges: An Introduction to Queue Theory - while we talk about measuring things: you do not only have to know what to measure and how to read your data, but also what to do when data suggests there is a problem.

Security Best Practices for Fintech Application Development - this article talks about the top of the iceberg when building systems for FinTech, but it is a list of things everyone building a system should keep in mind and practice.

I just want to run this one Python script - tooling is an essential part of any developer experience. The better the tooling the more pleasant it is to use a language or framework. Python really goes out of its way to make things horrible. While the problem described in the article is not one of the things it is a fun read and might come in handy to know one day.

IoT Nixie Tubes - I am a sucker for DIY projects. And Nixie Tubes. And totally overkill scripting and engineering in non-business critical systems. This article and project is just perfect. Shows how many things you got left to do with a Nixie Tube.