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Reading list 2021-10-24

posted on Oct. 24, 2021, 5:40 p.m. in news

Parsing Gigabytes of JSON per Second - One might argue that once you reach this amount of data, it is unlikely that an actual person will look at it and that a binary format might be more appropriate; but we all have to deal with legacy applications or data sources out of our control from time to time... and get creative.

Ruby is Still a Diamond - Python and Ruby are not ancient, but old compared to Golang, Rust and Node? Certainly a lot older. That does not mean the language is not evolving anymore, or that it would be a bad idea starting a new project in one of them.

Raspberry Pi 3 Fastboot - Less Than 2 Seconds - I am not a fan of Raspberry Pis. They caused enough problems for me to dismiss them as a production platform, but my experience certainly does not match those of others, and I know a lot of things are powered by RPIs these days. If you only need to run an app without network and all the other features the Pi has to offer, you can make it boot really fast.

Code runs on people - "Code is read more often than written" is a common mantra you hear people preach who had to debug clever code. PEP20 is the verbose version of it. I know it is tempting to use language features you just learned about, but more often than not, you really shouldn't. Make your code as stupidly simple to read and follow as possible. Future you will thank you one day.

I couldn't debug the code because of my name - names are complicated. And most software does a pretty bad job handling them. There is even a list of the top 40 falsehoods programmers believe about names. The best advice I can give (as long as there is no legal requirement to meet): Use a text field. No validation. The End.