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Reading list 2021-10-03

posted on Oct. 3, 2021, 6:49 p.m. in news

New Testing Features in Django 4.0 - Django 4 will ship multiple features I am looking forward to - such as functional unique constraints or the Redis cache backend. This article talks about new testing features like --shuffle and --parallel auto, which will be really handy to have.

The code worked differently when the moon was full - I do not know a single developer who worked with dates and time and does not have at least one story how horrible everything is. And they are always fun to read.

Working From Orbit - I am not a fan of VR for gaming. I tried various headsets and none of them worked for me or provided enough value to put up with its drawbacks. But there is a lot potential, and I really enjoy seeing people explore it beyond gaming.

PalmOS on Raspberry Pi - the Palm Pilot m100 was my first handheld. It served me well, despite its limited abilities. It was the reason I got excited when the Sharp Zaurus was released, and the first iPhone. The m100 was a showcase of what will be possible one day. Reviving the OS on cheap hardware to poke around the system one more time sounds like fun.

Reverse engineering software licensing from early-2000s abandonware – Part 1 - articles about reverse engineering are always fun to follow along, and making abandonware usable again feels like a good idea.