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balancing software engineering & infosec


Hi, I am Timo. I was told a blog needs an „about me“ section in which I go on and on about how awesome I am. Or tell people something about me, my life and what I actually do. Something like this. So, let us give this a shot.

Let me start with some professional facts in random order:

Shockingly there is also a private me – accompanied by my wife, dog and the two cats I have to put up with (because for some reason my wife loves those little, sociopathic killing machines). These days I spend a lot of time in a gym or playing video games.

If you want to reach out to me feel free to send me an email. Since people told me they were not sure if it is okay to reach out for certain things, let me try to compile a list of things I am happy to talk about:

articles I wrote – if you think I am wrong or got any questions speaking engagements consulting or training in one of the areas I mentioned above Well – basically everything else is also okay… :)