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Microsofts 2021 Surface lineup

posted on Oct. 2, 2021, 3:13 p.m. in hardware, news

The Surface lineup has something to it I find intriguing. Surface systems might never be best in class from a performance perspective. Or serviceability. Or features. But Microsoft constantly tried and tries to push for a slightly newer form factor and experiments with concepts beyond „this is a notebook“ and „this is a tablet“.

The Surface Pro is what most people likely want the iPad to be, and what Apple actively prevents it from becoming. A full feature desktop system with the convenience of a tablet. If I would be in the market for a mobile Windows workstation, a Surface Pro would be on top of the list.

The same goes for the Surface Duo - while Samsung's Galaxy Fold is getting better and better, the concept of two screens seems more robust and usable to me. The Duo is surely one of the most interesting Android phones released this year.

Overall, Microsoft is the company I currently find most interesting to follow for hardware. Sadly their idea how an operating system should work is getting worse every year. No, I will not sign in with an Microsoft account. No, I will not buy new hardware for a TPM chip, my gaming rig is fine and Windows 10 will serve me well the next few years.

Framework seems to be building an amazing Linux laptop right now and doing all the right things. Maybe they will step up in other device categories as well. Microsoft shipping first class Linux support is something I do not see happening any time soon, but if they did the Surface lineup would be even more attractive than it already is.