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Links 2021-09-05

posted on Sept. 5, 2021, 7:45 p.m. in news

How we built an auto-scalable Minecraft server for 1000+ players using WorldQL's spatial database - I am always amazed how much effort and skill go into modding Minecraft. Considering the scale this operates on I have seen commercial titles with worse netcode on release.

Keyyyyyyyys! - building a Bluetooth keyboard you can use with one hand. r/MechanicalKeyboards surely does not agree with the switches picked, still a great project.

A Customer Discovered Their $350 Lego Set Was Missing Pieces. The Company's Response Was Brilliant - the impact of amazing customer service is often underestimated or simply ignored because it is a cost center. I had a similar experience with Exploding Kittens and it was simply a joy to read their response.

EmptyEpsilon - an Open Source spaceship bridge simulator. Now we are talking about team building exercises that could actually be fun :)

Cleaning Up Git History - I am a big advocate of meaningful commit messages - especially when jumping into a legacy codebase without its original authors around. Writing commit messages is not always easy and sometimes you mess up. Git does not make it easy for you to fix mistakes, so a guide like this is really handy.