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Links 2021-08-22

posted on Aug. 22, 2021, 7:09 p.m. in news

A Tale of Two Copies - a great walkthrough on how to profile applications and figure out why small differences can have a huge impact on your runtime.

State of netbooting Raspberry Pi in 2021 - Raspberry Pis are a great and inexpensive way to build a small lab to experiment with infrastructure tooling like K8s (or K3s in this case), and host a few services. Having a collection of dead SD cards myself, I can only recommend netbooting your Pis.

A future for SQL on the web - we cannot get an alternative to IndexDB and local storage fast enough. And if it happens to be one of the best (soon hopefully also type safe) SQL database engines in existence - that is a double win.

Alf 2: Collision Detection is Hard, Blog Posts are Harder - if you ever tried building anything in a two or three dimensional space and had to implement collision detection, you know that it is not the easiest code to write and it often makes for some fun bugs. But this one is surely one of my favourite bugs I read about to date.

NS64 Nintendo Switch Docking Station - "yo dawg, I heard you like Nintendo, so I put a Switch in an N64" (sorry, I really could not resist). This is a fun case mod, which looks really well executed.