Links 2021-08-15

Reflections on 10,000 Hours of Programming - some very good points and guiding principles focusing on the programming part and not the people or business side you usually see in lists like this.

1Password 8 will be subscription only and won’t support local vaults - let us not talk about the fact that discovering the option to use local vaults and not subscribe is nearly impossible. But moving to Electron means your password manager will soon need more resources than some editors. Vaultwarden is an alternative to self host a Bitwarden compatible password manager, but sadly also relies on Electron. At least no subscription required.

GitHub’s Engineering Team has moved to Codespaces - having tried going code-server only some time ago this seems like a reasonable thing to do and well tested and thought through. I used a setup like this and it is pretty neat, but it could not beat JetBrains IDEs. Maybe Projector will change the game.

Personal Computing On An Amiga In 2021 - this seems like a fun thing to do and I always appreciate a good story about using old hardware.

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