Feature Flood

Yesterday I took some time to compile a short list of features I am implementing in Zenbo the next few days. I have a big list what Zenbo should be able to do when I release version one and even a list for version two. Zenbo will be used for two new projects so the features needed for those have priority.

Syntax Highlighting

This is one of the features I really want for Hopelesscom. Writing posts about python, coding and sometimes stuff that involves the command line without syntax highlighting just sucks.

Currently I have some problems filtering the 'code' tags but that is just because I have not used regex for some time.

I believe that pygments 'guess_lexer' should be fine but there is a chance that it will sometimes fail. Adding a mark what language should be used is not the worst idea I had while implementing everything.


After generating a page there should be three things happening.

I see some performance issues with this one. Crawling a large page two times could take some time. I am not sure if I will just check the links before deploying since I do not believe that there can or will be issues with broken links or files after uploading the site.

Okay I know that this sentences sounds really stupid and that I will now run in some deployment issues the next few days,...

Wordpress Importer

I really want to migrate my business blog (german only) to Zenbo. There is currently no archive on hopelesscom since I want to merge the past three ones together. But on my other blog I want to continue writing without anyone noticing - beside the new layout.

Exporting to an XML file is no problem but sadly there are some characters that would need a definition. minidom and pyxml throw an exception while loading the file.

I am not sure if I should write a definition, just replace the parts that do not work or look for another option to parse the file. I fear that this will take some time.


Before migration my other blog I want a plugin for tags and / or categories. And I want a beautiful one not just one file for every tag.

The idea is one file with a page name, url, all tags and some JavaScript magic.

If you are using and working with the web for more than 6 or 7 years you could remember the time when JavaScript just plainly sucked. Every browser implemented it another way, most of the time it did nothing useful that improved the usability experience and it just did not work. Times luckily changed.

Git Flow

I am looking into the option to change my workflow a little bit. Git Flow implementing an easy way for Vincent Driessen's branching model. If you do not know what I am talking about take a look at Jeff Kreeftmeijer's post.

I had some problems with branching and merging and I do not know why I ran into them. But the main point is that git flow would force and assist me to have a clean repository structure. There are far worser things.

Vim vs. TextWrangler

I have to admit: I switched back to vim. I still like TextWrangler for writing posts but I just cannot stand coding with it. I do not know if I just miss modal editing, if I miss the customization or if I am just used to FuF and other stuff I used for years now.

But coming home to vim just felt natural again. I still do not believe that modal editing is the best thing since sliced bread but I can stand it.

>> posted on Jan. 7, 2012, midnight in drupan, project