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Reading list 2021-11-07

posted on Nov. 7, 2021, 8:22 p.m. in news

Don’t be spooky - This is an important advice for anyone running a team or managing people. Do not be vague when asking people for a meeting. I have seen anything between "ok" to hyperventilating and what might classify as a small hearth attack for no reason.

Redis Anti-Patterns Every Developer Should Avoid - Really good advice from the people who should know a thing or two about Redis. This includes basics I have seen taking production systems down, such as one connection per command and no TTL on keys.

vscode.dev(!) - If you ask me where JS based applications with a user interface should run, my answer is "in a browser". In the browser I choose to run, not in one of 50 copies of Chrome bundled and forced onto my system. The VSCode team is working on making this happen for VSCode. Having used code-server for a long time I have high expectations.

The ‘Dune’ Screenplay Was Written in MS-DOS - Next time you think about revolutionising an industry with an AI blockchain running in a multi-client serverless environment, remember that people do not care. They want what they know and what works best. Drastic changes in UX and UI rarely are what endusers outside of tech want to see.

Creating my personal cloud with HashiCorp - We need more personal or "family" clouds, more control over where our data goes. One of the stepping stones to get there is getting scripts and tools for automation to enthusiasts who do not know every single thing there is to know about queues, DNS or deployment automation but are eager and willing to gain some control over their digital life.