Comments and Posts

There are some general things I want to talk about. The future of hopelesscom, what I consider a good solution for comments and how my posting behavior will change. The last part was not planned for this post but is a direct reaction, partly in response, to one of my last posts.

Last thing first. I mentioned that I am working on my language skills. I know that my posts are not always a pleasure to read and I also know that I lack some basic copulas. Really working on it. Big promise.

But what I actually want to cover is that I will change two things. First I will start making shorter posts. Think of them as notes. My longer posts that cover some sensible topics will be a lot better formulated and read twice or maybe three times before I really hit publish. Reading my last post again I started to understand Bjarnis problem or how it came to the discussion.

I should have separated two things - flaming Firefox and my problems with CORS. I mixed them up. Reading them I see the point he is trying to make. I thought the last few sentences covers fact that there is a basic problem if you use wildcards. Even if I have some problems with CORS and its implementation half of his comment would have been unnecessary if I would have been more clear in my initial post or my first comment.

Reading the conversation again, together with my post, I can see how he and likely other people can come to the conclusion that I just do not understand CORS or why it was implemented the way it is. I should have separated those two topics from the beginning and should have added some more informations why I dislike CORS and how I think the problem should be fixed instead.


This is a good moment to leave the old post and move on to comments in general. I added Disqus, again, because I like comments. Even if they are not positiv if they are well written and provide value I love having them in my blog. No matter if I am corrected or if something is added - or if it just makes clear that I should really work on my writing skills - if I can learn something it was worth implementing them.

I have read many blogs and I have seen many statements people made. I have seen all the flamewars and all the possible reactions. What I never got is why people act pissed or start calling names when someone disagrees and is even trying to prove his statements. Sometimes I believe people fear to be wrong or think they lose credibility if they admit that one of their thoughts or opinions was wrong.

The only thing that bugs me personally is when people get me wrong because I tend to formulate short sentences and jump between topics. The post I mentioned is a perfect example. But this is entirely my fault and I am the only person who can fix this.

But there is one thing I dislike. Disqus. And according to my last post I also believe that it is not necessary to have a comment form in your blog at all. Even if people want to respond directly they could just write their own post and send you a trackback or mention at Twitter or something else.

I am not sure how I will solve this with my next system. Maybe I will just add a comment form. Maybe I will add something similar to tumblr and show trackbacks. Maybe I find a better solution.


There will be some changes. I currently have two blogs. My private blog, this one, and my business blog currently only in German. Since I moved back to IT it is likely that I will merge those two blogs under a new domain. Topics will not change much but I will add some work related stuff. There will be more informations on this later and it will not happen the next few weeks.

>> posted on March 8, 2012, midnight in web