Code Challenge - The Challenge

I believe that learning new skills is essential. No matter if it is in your job, your private life, just for fun without any reason - not learning new tricks means you stand still, do not improve, do not get better, nothing. Is there anything that sucks more?

There is currently a code challenge. The idea is that you use a new language or toolkit and create something. Even if it is simple, even if it has no real use, just for the sake of learning. Great, isn't it?

There are several things I consider. First and most important would be the framework and language. Since "casually messed around with" is included I have some choices.

I consider Meteor or node.js. Something new, JavaScript based. I could, just one time, be on the hip site of technology,... Just polishing my Ruby skills would be boring.

On the other hand something Cocoa based would be another good idea. I will have to write a lot more code on Objective-C and Cocoa the next few months, so why not using the code challenge to improve my skills?

No matter what I will use or what I will build I will keep you updated.

>> posted on April 16, 2012, midnight in software-engineering