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Avoiding Amazon for a whole year

posted on Jan. 13, 2022, 8:49 p.m. in life

I ran a long-term experiment during 2021. The plan was to use Amazon as least as possible. Overall it worked out pretty well.

"But why?", you might ask. First of all - it's Amazon. I do not think I have to elaborate this one. Beside that I wanted to support manufacturers and brands more by buying directly from them without a third party getting their cut. Last but not least, I tried to buy as much stuff locally as possible, but that part was a bit of an adventure considering all that is going on.

When buying directly from a brand I compared the price to Amazon. My rule of thumb was "If it is within a margin of 10-15% - depending on the price - I will avoid Amazon".

And all in all, looking at the numbers I am pretty pleased.

(The last number is a bit misleading, as Lenovo had pretty good Black Friday deals when I got my X1. Factoring out the X1 it's still 171,32€.)

Overall I saved money by not ordering from Amazon. Turns out many brands constantly have sales getting you on equal pricing with Amazon. ESN for example has a 10% off coupon permanently active, and also sometimes runs 20% off sales.

Amazon was still pretty good to have around for two reasons: 1. Local shops charge a 400-700% premium for small goods like batteries. 2. Returning an item is the most flawless process you can imagine. When I wanted to test an LG Oled TV as computer screen (horrible experience, I will post about it) there was not even as second thought from where I will get the TV.

I cancelled all Pantry orders and will continue buying local or directly from brands. Amazon Prime stays though, sometimes you really want the fast delivery and Prime Video is the least important streaming service for me, but still nice to have (The Grand Tour!).