Apple Watch Solo Loop And Braided Solo Loop

Having used both bands for a few weeks now I thought it is time for a short review. Both are surely a bit controversial, they are not really a premium material and they cost more than some cheap knock offs. There also seem to be some problems how you measure your wrist with Apples paper tool.

I got both versions of the loop and I actually wear both of them, just for different purposes. I used an ordinary measuring tape and the size is on point. I cannot speak to Apples tool as I was too lazy to try to print something at 100% scale and properly cut it out.

The Solo Loop is a bit less comfortable than the Nike sport band. The holes make all the difference when it comes to sweating while working out. I sweat a lot more with the silicone sport loop. But I can pull the Solo Loop up way further and more comfortably than the Nike band. I ordered the largest size and can get it to the mid of my forearm. This means I can comfortably wear grip helpers when lifting weights, which is really nice and also not possible with the Nike band.

The Braided Solo Loop feels super comfortable, mainly because of the missing connector you would have with a more traditional band. Not having a connector makes all the difference to me. The braided loop is the first one I ever had I am comfortable wearing while typing on a keyboard. It also feels like I am sweating a lot less than with the braided one, but I surely will not wear my day to day band to the gym to test it.

Are the loops worth the money? To me, yes. They both have some unique advantages that fill a niche and make them a perfect fit for me. Both of those might be irrelevant for the majority of people and you will be able to get way nicer bands for the same price. Maybe except the braided band. I am tempted to throw it in the same category as a nice leather band, but that would maybe go a bit too far. But there is something to the braided Solo Loop that simply makes it feel so good when wearing it.

>> posted on Oct. 23, 2020, midnight in apple, review