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And here comes Zenbo

posted on Dec. 11, 2011, noon in drupan, project

After some development time, testing, and moving the release date two times I finally and officially start using Zenbo for Hopelesscom. This is the second time I use a self written blogging software but this time I used everything I learned from my previous mistakes and considered what will work best for the next few years.

There is still a lot of stuff to do before I will release version 1.0.

But this is nothing that will take forever. Well the default template and the documentation maybe but everything else should be ready till the end of the month or early January.

If you want to give Zenbo a try just do it. You can ask me anything you do not understand after you have read the Readme and took a quick look at the code. If you just want something that is production ready and feature complete I suggest you wait some weeks till I release 1.0.

And as a side note: writing a blog post in vim is as awesome as I imagined. I am not sure if I will stick with vim or move to something with a build in spelling correction and a bit more polish but everything is better than a creepy web interface requiring more JavaScript than a bloated browser game.

Stay tuned for more news on Zenbo - regular blogging will start in the middle of next week again. Till then there will be a big "whooo it is released party for a handful of selected guests",...