Amazon Prime Day

I like the idea of Amazon Prime Day. Order the things you want throughout the week and get all of them delivered at the same time. Many of the things I order via Amazon are not time critical. I do not care when exactly they arrive, as long as they do. So batching them seems like a good idea, if only to not have someone drive to my house three times a week. Sadly Prime Day does not reliably work in our region - Amazon failed to deliver items for the third time in a row.

I wanted to do some work on my office desk over the weekend. Add new power strips, add an RaspberryPi for an always on dashboard and finally replace a cable that is not in the best shape anymore. I ordered everything on Monday and could have gotten it by Monday evening via same day express or on Tuesday via regular Prime.

You see, for me Friday is an excellent day for Prime Day. I have the things ready to go on Saturday when I do most work around the house and I do not have new toys sitting on the table tempting me to play with them during the week, when I should be doing other work. Sadly the power strips were not delivered, they arrived today. Why? No idea. Most likely some availability or allocation issues on Friday. My scotch was not delivered as part of the Prime Day delivery either, but by a separate carrier. (That might've been an age-restriction and/or transporting alcoholic beverages thing, although they did not make my wife sign anything.)

For five products I had three people drive to my house to deliver them. This is one more than if I would have ordered them via same day delivery - also my weekend plans would not have been messed with. Prime Day is a nice idea, in theory. Sadly… Execution sucks.

>> posted on Oct. 5, 2020, midnight in business