A Series for newbies

I receive a few questions via email or Twitter over and over again - looks like people take my footer seriously. Stephanie advocates helping newbies in the industry or who want to join by offering mentoring, which is something I fully support. As a lazy engineer I thought writing answers to the most common questions down saves time in the long run but also helps transfer knowledge to people who do not directly want to ask for mentoring.

I feel like I should add a small disclaimer that I am using the term "newbie" as it was initially intended - to describe someone new to something and other than in some places not judgmental or in a derogatory way.

If you think I should cover something specific please let me know on Twitter or send me an email.

When you are reading this I should already have published a first take on programming language selection. I will also try to keep this post up to date with links to all published articles, as well as tagging them all with the "newbie" tag. A better way to stay up to date would be subscribing to the RSS feed tough - I know, ancient stuff, but still the best we got as long as JSON feed is not widely adopted.

>> posted on July 25, 2017, midnight in newbies, software engineering