A robot for... me?!

With colleagues it is sometimes as with babies. Everyone thinks he got the best, cutest and most fun to be around. But honestly: if this would be a game, I would win ;) . On Valentines Day my colleagues surprised me with a self-made telepresence device.

Just read the blog post Chris wrote and the short article on Hack A Day. It should give you a good idea how it works and what the project looks like. Something I personally like is that two parts of the project "borrowed" from things we built for a different purpose.

There are some things I will talk about in a later post. I really have some catching up to do with all the posts, @sternenkind moving in just took way longer than expected, which is also the reason why I did not have time to work on two features I want to see:

There were some hilarious scenes, people stop by for a quick chat and if you can just discuss a problem or an idea without first initiating a video call, which is, surprisingly, still a hassle in 2014. It can be really helpful.

If you want to stay up to date you can follow FlightCar on GitHub or the individual repositories prefixed with broadway-. The current implementation works great and is a lot of fun to use. If you have someone remote and are looking for a a way to still have them in your office I would suggest you give it a try.

>> posted on April 23, 2014, midnight in life, project