posted on July 03, 2014 in drupan, project

State of drupan 2 - RAWR

There went quite some development time in drupan and a release is in sight. The most common question I receive about drupan is what features will make it into 2.0 - codename RAWR. Let me give you a rough idea what is done and what will be done.

posted on June 09, 2014 in project, leeroy, golang

Introducing Leeroy

Today I am releasing one of my side projects, Leeroy CI. It is a self hosted, continuous integration and build service with the primary goal to be easy to configure and get out of your way while doing its job. And since it is licensed under the BSD license it is also pretty affordable.

posted on May 19, 2014 in drupan, development, Python, project

How To Write A Static Site Generator

After my last post I received a question how to actually write a static site generator. I can see that this sounds like a big project for someone who just starts writing code - but I claimed it would be a good starting project and since I prefer to put my money where my mouth is let me help you getting started.

posted on May 15, 2014 in drupan, content management, development, project

Why are so many people writing static site generators?

Yesterday I was asked this question by Simon Wood. While trying to give some reasons in four tweets I think it is a topic I should elaborate. Especially since I am some hours of coding away from releasing the second major release of Drupan.

posted on April 23, 2014 in project, node.js, iOS

A robot for... me?!

With colleagues it is sometimes as with babies. Everyone thinks he got the best, cutest and most fun to be around. But honestly: if this would be a game, I would win ;) . On Valentines Day my colleagues surprised me with a self-made telepresence device.

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