posted on 3-6-2014 in apple, security

iMessage is secure enough

Apple published a iOS security whitepaper. One thing that was discussed a lot is iMessage. Since mainstream media thought it would be a good idea to report about it some people became insecure if it is a good idea to use iMessage or if it should be considered insecure. Let us try to figure out if you should be worried while using iMessage or not.

posted on 2-26-2014 in gaming

Candy Crush and Dungeon Keeper are only one half of the problem

I was never a fan of "free 2 play" games that offer a "pay to win" option or try everything to trick you into spending as much money as your credit card allows, either by slowing down gameplay or making the game unplayable if you do not buy yet another crystal pack or the next power up. But game developers that obviously can look into a mirror and not care less what they see are only half of the problem.

posted on 1-16-2014 in gaming, business

EA's long term goals - not caring about gamers

While browsing Gamasutra I found an article about the long term goals of EA, directly brought to you by the CEO. I think it is no secret that I find the current state of gaming frustrating and just cannot stand EAs attitude and behavior, treating gamers like second class idiots who are willing to put up with whatever they think of. But this just brings it to a new level.

posted on 1-1-2014 in news, life

Happy New Year - Welcome 2014

I hope you all had an awesome start in this new year and that you have the chance to do something awesome and exciting. As regular readers know I think of "new year resolutions" as something worthless. If you want to change something you should start now, not on an arbitrary date.

posted on 11-16-2013 in security, twitter

GnuPG Is Still Too Hard To Use

You should encrypt your emails. Actually you should encrypt anything you do not want other people to see. While talking to tech-savvy people this is a common sentence you hear, especially the last few month after the whole Snowden and secret agency revelations. What I find mildly amusing is that people actually believe encryption is so easy that everyone can use it.

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